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Resources to Help With Fuel Costs

The ideas and resources below are meant to serve as a guide to making energy more affordable and to use what is out there to help fill any gaps in customers’ finances. It is going to be a long winter for all of us, so we need to get a plan in place to help all of us get though.

Call Us About Setting Up a Monthly Budget Program.

It’s not too late to get onboard with a monthly payment program. Call us or visit the “My Account” web page on our website for all of the details. It will be necessary to catch up with payments because the plans all start in June, but there has never been a better time to spread out fuel costs with prices at all time highs. Can’t afford the full payment? Start sending something in right away. Send in $100 - $200 per month - we’ll keep your credit balance on account so that the first few fill-ups don’t take your breath away. Credit allowances are going to be even tighter this season, so every dollar paid in ahead of time will make a big difference this winter.

Use Less Oil

We’ve been beating the drum on this one for years: keep your heating system tuned and serviced; insulate, insulate, insulate; keep the thermostat at a level that you can live with, and so on. Wood stoves and wood pellet stoves are very popular this year and can provide great supplemental or even primary heat. Wood pellet heating is so affordable and efficient that we even decided to get into the pellet and stove sales business. Give us a call or check our website for more details! We have already established dealerships for several pellet stove lines as well as wood pellet supply and there is even more to come.

Get Some Assistance

More than ever, the resources for helping folks make ends meet will be needed to get through the upcoming winter. Over the years we have directed lots of customers to the various fuel assistance resources and helped many in various ways. This is not the year to be proud - if you need help, then ask. Nobody should have to be cold or have to make choices between other important needs such as food or medicine.

We have taken some time to list the resources we know on the page that follows and to give you some way of contacting them to get more information and to sign up. We can help some if you call us at the office, but it is going to be more useful to contact the various resources directly.

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